Windermere, Beautiful Place to Live.

Dated: 05/28/2019

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Today's Windermere was actually once home to the Timucua Indians. Windermere was named after Windermere England, was founded in 1915 and was incorporated in 1925. Northerners in the early 1800’s would come to the area to spend their winters in the warmer climate, and soon began building small vacation homes and larger estates. Windermere quickly became a popular place for families due to its beautiful oak trees, clear blue skies, and mild climate.



Families are important to Windermere; in fact, the “Neighborhood Scout” rated Windermere as one of the best places to have a family. With its quality schools, abundant youth athletics, social and cultural activities, children are very much included in the Windermere community. Windermere is also great for all sorts of outdoor activities; there are an abundance of lakes to fish in, and one can also go boating, water skiing, canoeing, paddle boarding, and kayaking. This lovely town also boasts a farmers market in downtown Windermere where families enjoy local produce, baked goods, and food trucks.

For more information on Windermere such as calendar, activities and more click the link below.

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